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For over 17 years Anolaze has been producing custom multi-color anodized finishes for a variety of industries. We named our proprietary processes "Trick™" Anodizing, but you may know it as Splash or Multi-color anodizing. This process is very labor intensive and some people consider this work to be an art form, and after seeing it, you will too. Our many years of research and development of this process has allowed us to produce some of the most beautiful anodized finishes imaginable. These techniques are used in many markets including but not limited to: paintball guns, boats, cars and motorcycles, knives, business cards, flashlights, electronics, cosmetics, and even medical hardware. From mild to wild, Anolaze can make your product a stunning standout in the marketplace!

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small sampling of paintball guns showing examples of mirror polishing, Anopeen™ bead finishing and custom Trick™/ Splash anodizing. Laser engraving and Tefbond™ teflon coating can be done on them as well.


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