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Titanium Anodizing

The colors produced by anodizing titanium are formed by the refraction of light off of and through the thin titanium oxide layer that is produced. These colors are called interference colors. There are no pigments or dyes involved. By combining various surface finishes, striking effects can be achieved. Colored titanium can be used to decorate and color code parts, and has many medical uses including promoting tissue growth and adhesion, and to help conceal the visibility of implants through the skin.

titanium implant driversblasting nozzlestitanium spinal hardwaretitanium surgical tools colored titanium clipsa variety of titanium details including dental implants, surgical clips and bone screws
titanium knife clips titanium surgical clips
  Multi-Color Anodizing
dental implants bone screws titanium anodized parts

A variety of Titanium details including
dental implants, surgical clips and bone screws

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